Getting quick legal advice for civil rights can seem daunting if you are not lucky enough to personally know any lawyers. However, it doesn’t have to be as daunting as one may think. Resources are available in a variety of different places, even online. Some means of getting legal advice on civil rights can even be free depending.

th If you are in a situation where you involved in an actual civil rights lawsuit, of course, you need much more than simple online advice. However, if you are simply a citizen who wants to be educated on civil rights law so you are more readily able to handle situations that might arise, online law websites might be the way to go. There is a site called that offers information regarding laws of various sorts including civil rights. On sites such as these, one can look up civil rights laws on things from false arrest to racial discrimination in the workplace for free.

Obviously, if you actually are involved in a lawsuit, have been accused of a crime, or might soon find yourself in such a situation, you need professional advice and legal support of a person who has legal practice management. Self representation can be very dangerous and in most cases will lead to much more negative outcome than if you have a lawyer. Attempting to represent yourself, even if you do your research and try to do a good job of it, is still likely to end badly.

If you are lucky enough to have a legal plan, many plans offer free phone advice on legal situations. If you have such a plan and are in need of advice, it is best to first call the plan’s free phone advice who can advise you about the case and recommend the types of lawyer that you should get.

If you do not have a legal plan, getting professional legal advice for civil rights, or any other legal matter, it may be a bit more tricky to get (2) However, it certainly is not impossible. While there are sites that offer free advice online, but these ARE NOT a substitute for professional advice. If you do not have a legal plan, it is likely best to set up a consultation with a lawyer.

With civil rights though, this process can be a bit easier for some. There are non-profit organizations, such as the Civil Rights Defenders group that are dedicated to helping those facing civil rights matters. Also, if you have been falsely charged with a crime or have been a victim of police brutality and believe that this was due to your race, religion, or any other immutable characteristic covered under civil rights law and cannot afford a lawyer, it may be best to get in touch with your public defender’s office for advice and legal services.